Author: lancasterlocalprovisions

Star Ingredient: Kale Raab

This week’s Star Ingredient is Kale Raab! Kale raab is just the fancy name for the spring flower buds of kale when it bolts (which means goes to seed) in the early Spring. It’s sweet, nutty, tender and crisp. You can eat it raw in a salad, cooked in a pasta dish or mixed with a stir fry. But you better hurry if you want to enjoy it…it has a VERY short season so bring on the raab before it’s gone!

Daikon Radish Pancakes

I feel that I’ve left the green daikon out of the loop lately. I mostly use it in salads as a crunchy topping, but they have been so big lately…I can only eat so many salads! I’m still having a love affair with Keepwell’s soy sauce this week, so please enjoy these savory pancakes with or without a dipping sauce.

Star Ingredient: Miso & Gochujang

Miso is a fermented paste that’s a cultured mixture of soybeans, a grain (like rice or barley), salt and koji (a mold). Keepwell Vinegar has taken traditional miso-making ways and adapted them for the not-so-typical miso-making grains that are available here in PA & MD! Their White Miso is a wonderful take on a classic. It’s a little younger, a little sweeter and not overly salty. Both the Gochujang and White Miso can be used in sauces or glazes to give an exotic flavor to ordinary dishes.