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Kohlrabi Schnitzel

What is schnitzel? It’s traditionally a thin piece of meat that is breaded and fried; however, there is no reason you can’t schnitzel your veggies! My vegetable goal this year is to get people to love kohlrabi, so I figured a good place to start is by slathering it with deliciousness! However, I’m baking these instead of frying to make them a bit lighter and pairing them with yogurt and fresh tomatoes to cut through the richness. 

Rutabaga Harissa Fries

Have you ever even considered the rutabaga? It is a forgotten vegetable, and I’m determined to bring it to the forefront. It’s the result of a cross between cabbage and turnips, and is usually confused as another type of turnip. They have beautiful pale yellow flesh, and have a delicate flavor. This recipe will make you a fan!

Carrots with Garlic and Parsley

I don’t like parsley very much. So this week I challenged myself to put it in the marketplace, and use it! Since Parsley is bitter, I’ve paired it with it’s sweeter cousin the carrot. Both ingredients are related and balance each other really well! Caraway and cumin are also in the same family, so use those in this dish if you feel like adding another layer of flavor.

The March Salad

This time of year is traditionally called the hunger times because this is when winter stores are beginning to run low and we are waiting for new life to spring out of the ground. This salad is a representation of that time of transition. This salad is filled with everything we have a bounty of this month.