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Chicken Meatball Pasta

Serves 2, double recipe to serve 4 What you need: 2 Chicken, Spinach, + Feta Grillers 1 small onion, sliced 2 garlic cloves, sliced 1 summer squash, about a cup chopped Pasta Butter Feta Cheese Boil water, and salt for pasta. In a pan over medium heat, pinch the chicken out of its casing forming rough meatballs. Brown on one side. Turn meatballs then add onion and garlic to pan with butter. Cook till onion becomes translucent, about 5 minutes. The pasta should be done. Add pasta and squash to pan with meatballs, add dash of pasta cooking water, and butter. Cook for another minutes or so until the pasta is coating with the ymminess in the pan. Serve hot with crumbled feta on top.

Spinach + Red Onion Rigatoni

What you’ll need: What you’ll need: 1 Bunch Spinach, roughly chopped 2 medium red onions, diced 2 garlic cloves, sliced 1 Vera Pasta Rigatoni  Salt + Pepper Olive Oil + Butter Optional: Goat Cheese or Feta Boil water for pasta. Meanwhile, Chop the onions into pieces about the same size as the rigatoni. In a large pan sweat the onions over medium heat with salt + olive oil. Once the onions become translucent, your water should be at a boil. Cook your pasta till al dente. Toss the spinach and garlic in with the onions. Cook together until spinach wilts and begins to cook down. When the pasta is cooked throw in with the onions + spinach with 2 tablespoons of cooking water. Add a dollop of butter. Toss together. Serve hot with cheese on top!

Peach + Lavender Glazed Drumsticks

What you need: 1 Tablespoon fresh ginger 1/2 cup white wine vinegar 1/2 soy sauce 3/4 jar Hot Spoon’s Peach + Lavender Fruit Spread 3lb chicken drumsticks dried lavender for garnish Note: Drumsticks should marinate overnight Cook ginger, vinegar, say sauce, and Peach + Lavender fruit spread in a small saucepan over medium heat for 15 minutes, until thickened. Let cool. reserves 1/2 cup for dipping, then cover drumsticks in sauce and let marinate in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight. Bring drumsticks to room temperature. Preheat oven to 425 F with rack in middle. Line a baking sheet with foil and lightly oil. Arrange chicken on baking sheet in one layer. Roast drumsticks, turning once, until golden browned, cooked through, and glazed…about 40 minutes total. Enjoy warm with extra sauce for dipping! Also, makes a great marinade for tofu.